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ชื่อกระทู้: iPad Wi-Fi Ըͧ [สั่งพิมพ์]

ผู้โพสต์: admin    เวลา: 2010-11-11 09:35     ชื่อกระทู้: iPad Wi-Fi Ըͧ

iPad Wi-Fi  Repair
            Ƿҧ¤ҧѺǡͧ iPad Wi-Fi Ѻҡͧͧͧҷҹ͡ҫҽ 鹵͹÷ӡҡҧԴѺҹ Ѻͺйٹй繻ШӤͧҡ
Review ifixit繼Ѵͪ Ambient Light Sensor ֧´ҡ Դѹѧҹ ͧǧѺ ÷ҡ Google Translate 㹡ǡѹ ¤¨Ţͧͧ

Step 1 ? Display Assembly
We are currently working on a better method to open the iPad. This method will open the iPad, but will almost certainly result in broken retaining clips.

Insert a metal spudger between the top edge of the display assembly and the rear panel assembly.

Rotate the spudger away from you to release the tabs along the top edge of the display.

Insert a second metal spudger between the top edge of the display assembly and the rear panel assembly to keep the tabs from snapping back into place.

Ҿ1 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:29

Ҿ2 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:29

Step 2
With one spudger, work your way along the right edge of the iPad, releasing tabs as you go.

Ҿ3 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:29

Ҿ4 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:29

Step 3
Lift the display assembly away from the rear panel assembly by its bottom edge.

Do not attempt to remove the display at this time, as it is attached to the rear panel assembly.

Ҿ5 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:29

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ผู้โพสต์: admin    เวลา: 2010-11-11 09:46

͡ѹԸiPad Wi-Fi

step 4
- In the following steps, you will disconnect the three cables attaching the display assembly to the logic board. The cables are for the following components:

Ҿ6 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:45

ᴧ Digitizer

Ambient Light Sensor

ͧ Display Data Cable

Step 5
- Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to flip up the retaining flaps holding the digitizer ribbon cables in their sockets on the logic board.

Ҿ7 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:45

- Be sure you are flipping up the retaining flap, not the socket itself.

Ҿ8 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:45

- Pull the digitizer ribbon cables straight out of their sockets.

Ҿ9 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:45

Step 6
- Use a plastic opening tool to remove the ambient light sensor connector from its socket by gently prying upward.

Ҿ10 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:45

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ผู้โพสต์: admin    เวลา: 2010-11-11 09:55

Step 7
- Disconnect the display data cable from the main board by flipping up the metal retainer by its black plastic pull tab.

Ҿ11 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:53

- Pull the cable connector away from its socket.

- Pull the connector parallel to the face of the logic board.

Ҿ12 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:53

Step 8
- Remove the display assembly from the rear panel assembly.

Ҿ13 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:53

Step 9 ? Ambient Light Sensor
- Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to carefully pry the ambient light sensor board off the adhesive securing it to the display frame.

Ҿ14 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:53

- Once you've gained enough clearance, peel the ambient light sensor off the LCD.

Ҿ15 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:53

- If necessary, attach the plastic view window to your new ambient light sensor before installation.

Ҿ16 iPad Wi-Fi

2010-11-11 09:53

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